Areas of Practice

Personal Injury Representation - Representation of Plaintiffs

The Rees Law Firm provides services for all sorts of personal injuries; motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, assaults, dram shop cases, civil rights abuse, wrongful death and defamation.

Personal Injury Representation - Representation of Defendants

The Rees Law Firm has worked with many insurance companies over the years defending their insured against claims which have been made against them, in personal injury cases. The Rees Law Firm provides representation, for individual Defendants, on the same basis at a more reasonable cost.

Alternate Dispute Resolution/Mediator Services

Quite often, cases where lawsuits are filed do not need to go to Court. In those situations, either lawyers or parties can select independent third-party attorneys, known as mediators. These individuals, upon agreement by all parties, may act as a Judge and jury in resolving a case. The benefit to the client is that there are fewer costs involved, and the matter gets resolved more expeditiously than having it litigated at trial. This office will provide either services as a mediator, services as an arbitrator or represent individuals who wish to have matters resolved through means other than a civil trial.

Business Matters

In these times of economic uncertainty, the terms of how and in what fashion a business starts or is run becomes very important. At The Rees Law Firm, we can provide basic and essential services such as interpretation of contracts, development of contracts, and business advice for individuals who are thinking or planning of starting a new business. These services include legal advice as well as recommendations as to those things and those persons which are essential to someone starting a new business.

In the event that litigation becomes a necessity, this office is equipped to provide services for both people making claims and for those having claims made against them. The Rees Law Firm is very selective as to those areas in which they will participate as they want to provide the best services possible utilizing the strength of the law firm as well as the strength client to resolve a fair resolution.

Real Estate Matters

The goal of The Rees Law Firm is to provide as much straight forward advice regarding misinterpretation of real estates contracts, research as to whether or not a foreclosure is appropriate and providing litigation services in those situations where people have claims against their homeowners associations, their insurance company or their landlords. The firm seeks to help those people who have experienced losses due to fire, theft and other related catastrophes which unfortunately happen when one owns a home and/or property. In many of these cases the loss of property and the use of the property may be substantial yet not fully recognized by insurance companies.

Criminal Law

The Rees Law Firm provides two services to its clients. If a criminal problem, which a client has, is a complex one then the law firm will provide ________________________ in the particular area affecting the client and his/her rights. On simpler matters, misdemeanors and less complicated felonies this office can provide not only services but representation to the client.