ELCOME TO THE REES LAW FIRM'S WEBSITE! I want to start by thanking you for taking the time and making the effort to review my website and allow me to take a few moments to let you know what The Rees Law Firm is all about.

In my practice as a sole practitioner, I feel that this law firm can compete with any other law firm's, including the larger ones, in effectively representing my clients. I believe the reason this can be done is that when you are a client you will receive my personal attention and also that of my staff. For the last 30+ years, this office has prided itself on being able to provide personalized attention to clients, while at the same time providing honest, straight forward and plain spoken representation.

Unlike many other firms, the focus is on you, the client. As a part of the legal profession, this office emphasizes the word "profession". My staff and I sincerely believe that the experience and help we provide to our clients, must be personally tailored to each client's needs and success. In doing this, we try to limit ourselves to those areas where this office can do the most good for the client.

The Rees Law Firm provides a variety of legal services centered on either representing or defending individuals in legal claims where lawsuits are involved. Whether you are a Plaintiff in a lawsuit or a Defendant, my staff and I understand that it is a scary, stressful and many times drawn-out experience where all too often, you as a client, need an understanding of what is happening in your case and why a lawyer is doing what he is doing while representing you.

It is our goal to provide this information to you while making the legal process more "client friendly". At the least, at The Rees Law Firm, we not only provide representation in lawsuits for Plaintiffs or Defendants, we also will assist you in helping you with minor real estate matters, criminal matters, business matters, and conflict resolution through mediations, which provide an alternative resolution without the necessity and expense of going to Court. We also try to provide answers to basic day to day questions, and to the extent possible, provide individuals with alternatives to the high cost of legal representation and help.

Hopefully you will read on and allow us the opportunity to speak with you if you have a legal problem. While lawyers are ethically prohibited from providing legal information without an attorney/client relationship, The Rees Law Firm is dedicated to listening to your questions and advising you if such representation is needed. If, you should have any questions about this office, or the ways in which we can assist you, please feel free to call and rest assured that a lawyer within The Rees Law Firm will speak to you.

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